• ​Telephonic Career Counselling discussion with Psychologist along with Career Choice Assessment Report

  • ​Video-telephonic Career Counselling discussion with Psychologist along with Career Choice Assessment Report

  • ​Just ​Career Choice Assessment Report without any discussion with Psychologist

  • Personal Career Counselling session with Psychologist (only in Mumbai area)


Obsessive Parenting in India

The four year old is running from one corner of the house to the other. Her mother is trying to catch her attention to feed her the next morsel of food. . . 

People on wrong career path - Over 65%
People affected by mental health issues – Over 25%
Possibility of improving wellness through awareness and training: Over 80%


Our services are backed by many years of experience and matching professional expertise of our facilitators.

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Empathy Arena

(Personal development and mindcare division of Minds of People)

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        Empathy Arena

(The personal development and mind-care division of Minds of People)


We help you better yourself.
Supporting you in your journey into wellness and achievements, through mind-care and training.

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   Career Counselling

Our services in this area include online / offline counselling in the areas including pre-marital awareness, relationship management, psychotherapy, parenting, education, career, personality enrichment, post-retirement / ageing, business leaders’ mentoring etc.

From our resources...

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willingness is not enough; we must do.  That is what training enables you – to apply and to do

We offer online / offline training on counselling for psychologists, personality enrichment for students and for career building, communication skills, relationship enrichment skills, child-rearing, corporate entry, corporate career development, leadership, strategic thinking and planning, life-skills, work-life balance, stress management etc.

In spite of the fact that psychometric testing does not give you perfect measurements, it helps you in finding your path.

We provide services of online / offline assessments in the areas of educational choices, career preferences, marital compatibility, personality enrichment, leadership and managerial skills, corporate skills, relationship skills, disorders, corporate (pre-selections and recruitment, career management and guidance, competency-development, team audit and training, appraisals support) etc.



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Career Counselling is a key service of ours. This is designed for students from 9th standard and above till the levels of college / professional college and young job-seekers. This involves online Career Choice Assessment to get an idea of the person’s career choices and suitability of personality profile for those choices. This follows our psychologist's career counselling session with the student / individual and parents (especially for the young ones). After this, a psychologist-reviewed Career Choice Assessment Report will be provided.

Only Career Choice Assessment Report will be provided to those needing just a report without the counselling session by the psychologist.

Who are we?

Empathy Arena is the personal development and mind-care division of Minds of People which is in the fields of corporate Organisational Development (OD) and training since 2001. This division is focusing on the development of people and their wellness through mind-care and training services.

How do we support you?
Our experience of the past 18 years, at both at organisational and individual levels, have given us adequate reasons to believe that individuals and people can be helped in fulfilling their dreams of achievements.

Interested in associating with us in promoting wellness through mind-care and training?


Emotional Issues of Ageing

Aging is natural. Yet, coping with its process isn’t easy for any living being, more so with the thinking, feeling and emoting humans...

How will you benefit?
Social changes and changes in the other related areas are rapid today, thanks to the current pattern of human development riding on technology. Neither academic performance nor career growth alone guarantees you sustainable wellness. Even if you are excellent in your academic or professional fields, an insight – big or small – can change the way you moved forward in life. We give those insights. You benefit in your development! 


Live and Let Live

For the significantly evolved, thinking, feeling and highly skilled human race, there could have been nothing better than ‘live and let live’ as its fundamental ethos.....