To help young employees develop their corporate career successfully.
Duration: 90 days
Participation certificate will be provided to individual participants.

1. Understanding self
2. Understanding organisational behaviour
3. Emotional intelligence and relating skills
4. Leadership and teamwork skills
5. Interpersonal and communication skills at work
6. Written and oral communication including drafting
7. Presentation skills
8. Negotiation skills and how to be effective in meetings
9. Managing work and time
10. Use of technology for organising work
11.Understanding management, management information system (MIS), follow up and feedback
12. Dealing with superiors, peers and subordinates
13. Corporate etiquette and manners
14. Planning career growth and improving personal profile
15. Handling change at workplace
16. Conflict management, stress management and motivation
17. Work - life balance


​       Bridge

To help college students, fresh graduates and freshly trained professionals enter their corporate career effectively.
Duration: 90 days

Participation certificate will be provided.

1. Understanding self
2. Self-confidence
3. Emotional intelligence and relating skills
4. Interpersonal skills
5. Communication skills
6. English language skills
7. General knowledge and current affairs
8. Higher studies
9. Competitive examinations
10. Preparing a bio-data / curriculum vitae (CV)
11. Job search
12. How to face an interview
13. Group discussion
14. Understanding the corporate world
15. Corporate etiquette and manners

Online Guided Self-development Training Programmes


To improve parenting skills for bringing up children in the rapidly changing living environment.
Duration: 2 to 3 months

1. Basics of child development
2. Stages of child development
3. Home environment for better child development
4. Value system for better child development
5. Accepting child as an individual
6. Understanding 'love' in child-care
7. Child-care and working parents
8. Child and education
9. Child and studies
10. Motivating child
11. Child and autonomy
12. Anxiety and depression in children
13. Learning and behaviour disorders in children
14. Effect of parental behaviour on child
15. Single child and parenting
16. Single parent child-rearing
17. Understanding adolescence







Empathy Arena

(Personal development and mindcare division of Minds of People)

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Welcome to the new, easy and effective way of self-development. Empathy Arena offers you online self-development training programmes on the topics given below. These can be taken up by anyone anywhere at any time by joining it through this website. Once the joining process is over, the participant will be provided with study materials on the course topics through the personal email ID registered with us at the time of joining. There will also be some course work assignments which will have to be completed as per the accompanying instructions and submit them back to us through email. We expect the participant to put in sincere and honest efforts in the course work assignments which are easy and interesting. At no stage will the participant be spoon-fed by us because we aren’t teaching the person like the academicians do but are encouraging experiential awareness generation and self-development through the same.



For relationship enrichment with close people like spouse, partner, future spouse, close family members etc.

Duration: 2 to 3 months
1. Human mind
2. Human behaviour
3. Personality
4. Understanding relationships
5. Relationships and needs
6. Signs of trouble
7. Interpersonal communication
8. Conflict management
9. Stress management
10. Work-life balance
11. Managing intimacy
12. Making quality time
13. Understanding personality disorders
14. Time to seek professional help
15. Coping with parting


Our services are backed by many years of experience and matching professional expertise of our facilitators.

Empathy Arena

(The personal development and mind-care division of Minds of People)